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The Savanna Goat:

Savanna goats were developed in 1955 in South Africa with the aid of natural selection of the indigenous goats of the area, the original breeders valued traits that would ensure the survival of a profitable animal under unfavorable environmental conditions, the goats were required to endure extremes of heat, intense sunshine, cold and rain. The result is a meat goat that demonstrates exceptional hardiness, the breed moves easily and can if necessary can travel long distances in search of fodder and water.

The breeding of this white Savanna goat started on the farm of Messrs. D.S.U. Cilliers and Sons, in a minimum care environment where the animals were expected to adapt, survive and breed on the typical Savanna Veld, local multicoloured lop-eared goats were chosen for the foundation herd and the result was a fertile, heat and parasite tolerant, drought tolerant goat with good meat qualities, it has become a highly successful breed in South Africa.

The breed has a breed society established in 1993 and the animals are maintained by Commercial goat farmers all over South Africa. The Savanna White Goat should be a strong, virile, functionally efficient goat, it is of medium to large in size with lop ears, a thick pliable skin and a short smooth coat, it has an even temperament and a lively but not wild carriage, it should be able to utilize a wide range of vegetation, such as trees, shrubs and small as well as large bushes which are hard and even unpalatable to other farm animals.

Savanna goats have excellent reproduction rates and muscular development, it is noted that they are not seasonal breeders, providing producers seasonal control and increased market opportunities. The Does are said to be highly fertile and exhibit a high multiple birth rate under sub-prime conditions with excellent mothering ability, the Doe must be of a medium size but should also appear refined and feminine. Does with kids at foot should have good mothering ability and should aggressively defend their kids against dogs and other predators. Breeders have reported the breed is indeed an easy-care animal, Does have been noted for having a tendency to wean kids later than the more popular breeds, kids exhibit strong growth with excellent meat carcasses.  Bucks must be masculine, proud, robust and well muscled.

Savanna Breed Standards can be viewed at:  www.pedigreeinternational.com


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