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Our elite herdsire “Caddy” has been a top producer here at PT Savanna ranch for several years.  He makes breed standard kids that are quick growing and heavy boned.   Caddy was special ordered in 2016, and delivered in March 2017, from Sleepy Hollow Farm’s genetic program.  He is a one-of-a-kind male with a litter mate sister.  Original Savanna progeny WW E05 out classed his peer and was chosen as the primary breeding sire by multiple breeders in his era.  Sleepy Hollow resurrected this line using frozen semen over GCS Fiona.  Fiona is known as a genetic powerhouse using Sleepy Hollow’s Brom Bones over X414 doe known as “Herd 5”.  4c X414, created from Jay Heatland and Boney Winkler’s flush, is known as one of the three best does of all time.    Stop by and see the merging of phenotype and genotype greatness. 

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