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PT Savanna Ranch is proud to be the custodian of some early Savanna herds.  We were privileged to have been selected to take over the NJW herd from a retiring Jerry Webb.  Jerry purchased savannas from Bill Ryals, a buyer from the original dispersion sale, and worked with the other breeders to share genetics.  Jerry worked with the Wilson Brothers (SP75) and Carl Langle (DLR) until he had enough bloodlines to close his herd.  NJW became known as its own bloodline that traced to JCS 8.  These early breeders are responsible for our herds today.  Our brother, Paul Traughber (PJT), brought Savannas into our family farm many years ago.  He fell in love with the looks and heartiness of this breed.  We were sad to have recently lost both Paul and Jerry, but heir work lives on in their goats on our farm.  Our focus going forward was to develop these older bloodline savannas with resilience that can survive in the harsh conditions of the southern United States.

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